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330 Frankston-Dandenong Road Seaford 
Victoria 3198 Australia

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Phone: (03) 9786-8679 

Welcome To Greenways Village

Welcome to Greenways Village, Our Village on the Peninsula. At Greenways Village we provide a choice of accommodation to give you an independent lifestyle in a convenient location at an affordable and predictable cost; a community within a community served by loyal and caring staff.

With the passage of time our housing and lifestyle requirements change – the children leave home and increasingly go interstate or overseas in search of careers; we need less space; a partner may have died; what was once an enjoyable weekend pastime like maintaining the garden, doing some painting around the house or even cleaning the gutters has become a source of stress rather than pleasure; rising home ownership bills such as rates and utilities, concerns over security if we go away and fixed or reducing income change our priorities and make us reassess our needs.

For many hundreds of residents, over the last 40 years, Greenways Village has provided a welcome solution and a new lease on life. I do hope we can do the same for you. I encourage all prospective residents to visit other villages. Read their information and understand their particular legal and financial arrangements and, if possible, talk to existing residents about their experiences of village life. That is what I want you to do at Greenways Village – it is a big decision and not one that should be rushed.

Our commitment is to make your move to Greenways Village as easy as possible. We will not engage in high pressure selling. We understand that you will probably have to sell an existing house to make the move and that, in itself, can be stressful and take time. We will assist with that process if possible and liaise with you on a regular basis.

Villages offer a number of financial and legal arrangements. We want you, your family and advisors to have a full understanding of the Greenways Village proposition before making your decision. The village staff will answer your questions and explain the arrangements. I would also be pleased to address any of your issues or concerns.

Generally, when looking at different villages, the financial choice will be between:

  • A higher ingoing cost and higher ongoing expenses so less money left at your disposal but a higher refund on your departure, or
  • A lower ingoing cost and lower ongoing expenses so more money left at your disposal but a lower refund on your departure.

At Greenways Village we have adopted the second approach. I look forward to welcoming you to Our Village on the Peninsula.




Village Life

Greenways residents are enjoying a regular pancake morning in the Community Centre. A gold coin donation was collected to assist the children’s ward at the Frankston Hospital. Read More…
One of the great advantages of living at Greenways Village is the ability to just lock the door and travel. The village staff take care of the day to day, looking after our home while we are away. Testimonials


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