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From Jonathan Forster
Greenways Executive Chairman

The reason for moving into a village is to enhance your lifestyle

In this, my second column for Greenways News, I thought I should tackle the question of: “Which Village Should I Choose?”

It’s a question that many find difficult to answer, especially when they start trying to compare the wide variety of legal and financial arrangements available. In fact, we are fortunate to be living in Victoria where the Retirement Villages Act and the Retirement Villages Association have given you true freedom of choice without the pitfalls. Whether a village offers a lease, license or strata title, the Retirement Villages Act protects you because it establishes the basic relationship between a resident and the Village Owner. 

However, there are some differences in the way villages use your money and it is really a matter of individual choice as to which system suits you best. In financial terms, the essential difference is that the more you invest at the start, the more you get back when you leave the village. However, this leaves less money in your pocket during your period in the village. On the other hand, the less money you invest at the start, the less you get back when you leave… but you have more money in your pocket in the meantime and less concerns about unexpected home ownership expenses!

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The sooner the better

A community within a community
village living is for the young at heart


Welcome to my first regular column for Village Talk. 

When I talk with people who are investigating the pros and cons of living at Greenways, I find there are a lot of misconceptions generally about retirement villages.

While I think Greenways is one of the best villages in Victoria, these comments apply to most villages and, hopefully, will help you make your decision about where you want to live.

Some people think you are admitting you are “over the hill” when you enter a retirement village, yet there are quite active people, as young as 55, who are enjoying their new found village lifestyle.

One of the most common statements you get from people asked about retirement village life is that they’re not quite ready yet.

But the most common statement from residents is “I wish I had made the move earlier”

Of course not everyone in the village uses the bowling green or the Club facilities or participates in village activities every minute of the day.

A lot of people want to find their way at their own pace and we always say that you can be as active or as leisurely as you like at Greenways.

And under the lifetime lease agreement, residents of Greenways don’t have any of the obligations of property ownership and body corporate commitments (or the hassles!).

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Village Life

Greenways residents are enjoying a regular pancake morning in the Community Centre. A gold coin donation was collected to assist the children’s ward at the Frankston Hospital. Read More…
One of the great advantages of living at Greenways Village is the ability to just lock the door and travel. The village staff take care of the day to day, looking after our home while we are away. Testimonials


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