How much does it cost?

Indicative prices are included on this web site but the Manager can provide you with a current price list and details of what units are available.

At Greenways we aim to keep the ingoing cost below other comparable villages. In addition stamp duty and legal fees are minimal.

But it is not only the ingoing cost that you need to consider when comparing different villages. The ongoing commitment and refund on departure are equally important.

Once you have selected a couple of villages where the location, amenities and accommodation suit you, the financial choice will usually be either...

  1. a higher ingoing cost and ongoing commitment,
  2. less money left in your pocket; but
  3. a higher refund on departure.


  1. a lower ingoing cost and ongoing commitment,
  2. more money left in your pocket; but
  3. a lower refund on departure.

At Greenways we have adopted the latter regime with the aim of providing certainty as to your total commitment over the whole of your time at the village and leaving as much money as possible in your hands for your retirement.




Village Life

Greenways residents are enjoying a regular pancake morning in the Community Centre. A gold coin donation was collected to assist the children’s ward at the Frankston Hospital. Read More…
One of the great advantages of living at Greenways Village is the ability to just lock the door and travel. The village staff take care of the day to day, looking after our home while we are away. Testimonials


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